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Mission “Crystalbed” completed

I’m visiting Heiko and Annett. Raphael – a friend from Abadiania asked me to take a set of cristals back home to Germany. The Crystals are from a crystal bed and the crystal bed for a sister of Raphael who had a severe car accident.

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The way Raphael asked me did not leave any doubt in my mind that I had to fullfill this mission. It’s beautiful to get to know Heiko and Annett. The camper car is quickly placed next to their home and I am able to plug into the electricity grid. Temperatur should drop the next days and some people speak of snow fall. So I am happy for some heat in my car.

I speak about healing and tell Heiko about Abadiania and the Casa in Brazil. I recognize that I am standing right in front of a new way of thinking. “It’s the idea that matters”, says Heiko. The idea is that body and soul are interlinked in many ways which we can’t comprehend so far. I am not talking about psychosomatic aspects of a sickness but of a soul level that is involved. There is an energetic difference involved. From this level of being joy, meaning and gratitude arise. It’s a place where we feel most connected to life itself. I intuitively sense that this state of being is completely free from any material bounds. But the physical world is a beautiful place to experience all kind of things and to express life in multiple ways.

Annett arrived from Africa the same day we met. It seems to be a new chapter in her life story. She is not only taking care of refugees. She decided to visit the family of a young boy in Africa. I hear the story of a woman who jumped into unknown terrain with only a few reference points. She didn’t have the address of the family but managed to find father and mother in the end. The way she tells her story leaves no doubt that it was the right step. She learns about a new culture and gets to know herself at the same time in a new way. “There is still a lot to integrate”, she says. She looks happy and radiates meaning and mission, home and contentment. She is building a bridge between cultures. I clearly sense the richness of her experiences on how other people live their lifes. She takes me back to Brazil as well where I have been only a few weeks ago. I’ve experienced a new form of healing and it’s up to me to integrate it now.

They both wish me all the best. “You are doing something instead of only waiting for the next therapy.” That’s what they mirrow to me. Even when there is nothing happening the way I expect it I still collect more life experiences. This way of acting would be already another step on my healing journey.

So I am on tour again – together with my symptoms. I feel like a snail these days. But I am still able to move. I’ve got to sleep a lot. I digest and I am ready to let another transformation taking place in the physical system of my body and my surroundings.