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DNA and JAK 2 Mutation

I am just coming out of another meditation asking my body and my DNA about having to deal with a GEN mutation which leads to red blood cancer. First there is more to discover but the few things I can share by now. “The DNA is more flexible as we think and it reacts to vibration” was one message. This so called disease is part of my life’s purpose unfolding. There are kind of “negative emotions” involved being impatient with my development and wanting to change into a state that even I don’t know. I hate circumstances I am in right now but I can see them as being in the tight grip of the birth canal. I can sense the cocoon of the caterpillar who is feeling that the time is close to unfold fully but it’s still developing. I have no clue whether I shall call my disease a disease any longer because all I can feel is some distress and a sense of disintegration. The suffering is added by my resistance and impatience which I can easily embrace from another perspective.

Then there is another opening occuring, another letting go. There is a relaxation into what wants to emerge. Dealing with a health issue there is much fear involved. Dealing with cancer there is even a possibility of dying. I have to confirm the direction of my evolution knowing that it could mean death at least on a certain level. And here is it is: “YES” … there is no way around.

My DNA has wisdom: When an organism or life itself is threatened or even only feels threatened it starts a program to do as much as it can to save its surviving and the survival of its species. There are so many threats to humanity’s survival that some people feel the need to start survival programs. It’s a reaction to a collective observation. At the same time this instinct turns on a hightened activity of creativity. In my case it shows up as producing as many blood cells as possible to provide as much oxygen and nutrition as possible to fulfill things that are not able for a “normal” working body. On the other hand there was the power to produce, shoot and edit two documentaries all by myself. This is the power that I can witness here and life and evolution is searching for new ways to be of service to whole unfolding of life to bypass destruction.

There is no scientific explanation for the transmutation of the stem cells called JAK2 that provoke the cells to increase beyond normal values so far. The scientific community assumes it’s happening randomly.