Quelle/Source: pixabay.com

Slowing down sensing my body

The medication is slowing me down. I cannot do very much but to sense what’s happening to my body. I am with my stem cells at the moment feeling into a GEN defect. I am cleaning my bone marrow and nurture the process of a stable ground within my body.

I can still sense a lot of survival tendencies which I probably inherited from my parents both victims and refugees of world war II. I send a lot of compassion into this field of trauma and calm down with a strong intention to let the light shine through the darkness.

At the same time I connect to all the atrocities happening in Syria at the moment. I can sense that there is still far too much war on the planet. I can feel the greed of people producing weapons and selling them to other countries without any moral responsibility. I don’t understand that humanity is still playing out this old game of separation and destruction. There is nothing to win in this game.

On the other hand I have to be honest to recognize war and terrorist acts in my body as well. The transmuted stem cells could easily destroy my whole organism. This cancer reaction has no explanation. I am only able to feel it. And I wonder about any purpose.