May 2019

Crete – Home of Hilarion

… and the entrance to the beginning of all Being

Crete is the home of Hilarion – an ascended master. It’s a healing place. It’s rich in colors and nature is exquisite. It’s easy to shine forth for Crete in the beginning of the year. But there is much more to it. In the middle of the mountains there is an energy center that is far more interesting than on other continents. It’s a place right on top of a volcano with a big energetic portal. It’s an invitation to ecplre other dimensions of consciousness.


It’s here that I encounter the healing energies of Master Hilarion. I already did have contact to his field of emanation. This was in Brazil in Abadiania. I found a small sticker to buy. It had the drawing of how people imagine Master Hilarion to look like. More important than this little depiction of an unknown artist was the energy I’ve discovered.

I remember in those days meeting the energies of his etheric temple in the form of inner images already here in Germany. That was in a kind of trance like state. For me it was a confirmation that consciousness is active on many levels of perception. It has the ability to travel to many places and into many times without our body needing to move for an inch.

Now I was about to meet his presence here on earth. I tuned into the motivation of healing which is in his domain as people say and entered. There were no inner images and no words.


Instead there was a pure way of being in this very moment: I saw myself as a shepherd. The sheep around me were playing and mowing the grass. Everywhere I saw life in its purest form. I fell into my perception. I was connected to thousands of years of being human on earth. I sensed the beginning of mankind and I was part of the first little steps to provide with food and shelter. I experienced myself as being one with creation. There was no way to separate anything. I was able to see clearly. I was able to smell and to sense without filter. There was almost nothing abstract. It was direct. There was this natural tendency to care for my environment. I was aware of being part and responsible for the ongoing circle of life. At the same moment I was able to take a look into the realm of my inner being. There was no difference. The ocean was palpable on the outside and inside myself as well. It was simple and most amazing and grand at the same time. I did not see a family or siblings around me. There was no sign of community – but I knew that I would be taken care of somewhere. I sensed a group but still there was so much more. How could there be anything wrong in this orchestration of life?

While writing these words down I am able to deeply dive into this state of experience once more. It spends contentment on a very deep level. I am grateful for this glimpse of being that this place offered me. Many imaginations and pictures of my daily life start to show their true face. There are mere illusion and like a mirage in a desert.

It’s a far more subtle energy that shines through my thoughts and emotions. It’s like another reality that cannot be heard in the troubles and challenges of daily, modern life. I follow this path …

… back in Greece I meet the small group again with whom I undertake the journey. The way leads us up into the mountains. We all sense a change in energy. There is a small path leading towards a cave in the mountains. In travel guides I read that this is one of the oldest caves on earth where people took refuge hundreds of centuries ago.


There is still snow right in front of the entrance. I sense that there is a very ancient place right in front of us. It feels like nature has stored the energy of millennia. This field shows me a way of being in community – a being in close proximity. I feel a sense of with each other and I sense confidence and trust. I sense old rituals and sacrifices. They’ve been performed to not loose connection to the all surrounding everything. It’s easy to imagine that this connection is being celebrated everywhere in daily life. Today it feels like reconnecting.

A few days later I’ll discover another one of these caves. The father of all Gods – Zeus- should be born here. I still feel the same energy as before but there is something else as well: human beings trained in the religion of modern times.


Young women pose in front of the stones like being on a red carpet. Heavy weighted people are complaining about having to climb up and down out and into the cave. Children are impatient and ask questions. Has there been a change to first meeting this energy? It’s difficult to feel these subtle energies. Distractions are overwhelming. I might sense this energy still but I too feel my own patterns and thoughts being so much stronger. I simply can’t concentrate to keep this other dimension as a steady flow of perception. But the main realization is that I constantly am surrounded by all these fields and many of them are manmade.


Back in Germany I slept for days. The experiences on this little island in the south of Europe were deep insights which had to be integrated into my body. I still pray that this was another step towards a healing of myself and the planet.