December 2014

Discovering the South of Europe

Following a female songline

My partner said “Yes” to go on this journey with me. We’ve planned to take a route through England. But it soon became clear that it wasn’t the best idea to go on a journey with a campervan in the middle of March. We had a heater installed in the car but with a temperature of -6°C degrees in Switzerland there was no way to find a proper sleep. We both woke up and felt sick. We took a few cups of tea in a Swiss café and had a talk about what to do. We agreed on:

Taking a route to the South of Europe …

The plans found their way into the bin and we started driving into the direction of France. It was the right decision. From now on we were on a pilgrimage. In France it was already spring time and we found the warmth healing for our bodies and souls.


We thought about a motto and a kind of motivation for the journey ahead and came across “connectedness”. We both felt like European citizens and were open for any experience. Day in and out we decided on how to go on. Following this mode of driving we came to the South of Spain and kept on going through Portugal and the North of the Iberian Peninsula.

In September we took a ferry to Edinburgh. From here we drove to the mystical island of Iona and later on to North of Scotland.

I had my video camera with me. First I thought about making a few shots next to the pictures we took with our photo camera.

As we reached the „Findhorn Foundation“ in the North of Scotland I had a kind of an insight. There might be the possibility to produce a documentary.

Pictures of a pilgrimage

Back home we were studying the places we’ve been visiting. It was a surprise. It felt like our car was lead by an invisible hand. We saw many power places like Zarragoza, Lourdes, Fatima and Santiago de Compostella. In England we visited Iona. It felt like we’ve been moving along a „songline“. The Australian Aborigines are used to navigate with the help of these songlines. They find their way through the desert and are supported with the necessary food respecting this way of guidance. Even today I have a feeling of this energy in my bones. I’d use the word intuition. It feels like a feminine quality.