July 2015


Your beauty

Without looking into structural changes of societies one thing is for sure: Europe you’re beautiful!

Whether I was travelling the South of Europe in 2008 along the Lake of Geneva through the icy mountain area of Switzerland – taking the isolated mountain pass over the Pyrenees that thousands of pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella have to cross and that connects France and Spain – whether I was heading towards Avila driving through the deserts of Spain – whether I was enjoying the wild Atlantic Ocean in Portugal with its juwel-like landscape of the Algarve with unexspected woods and its steep rocky coast and its soft bay areas – whether I was in awe about the phantastic mountain passes in the Alpes, the lakes and meadows there – or whether I was drawn to England with its nature beings and the Scottish Highlands, a piece of land on earth with dark lakes surrounded by water and magic-mystical islands in the North-West – whether I was in Sweden in 2015 in Sweden with its mooses and ferns, spruce woods without civilisation for miles and the short nights without the sun setting fully – or whether I’ve been to Aland, a massive rock looking out of the ocean with its thousands of smaller islands surrounding the mainland – rough Norway or windy Denmark with a vast view beyond the horizon – even well-known Germany presented itself from its favorite site: mountains, lakes, the sea and woods, woods, woods – everywhere the landscape was absorbing my being. I was fascinated by the variety of nature. That’s why I want to share a few images on this website. They are all taken on my journey in the years 2008 and 2015: an homage to Europe. I feel the land and the continent when the European government passes new laws. I’ve got to know so many men and women in so many countries. I felt hope and the feeling of setting off but stagnation and despair as well.

I hope that we are able to pass the beauty of Europe and the whole World to the generations that follow us. I hope that we will manage to protect and preserve the land I was able to experience in the last years. I want to save every corner in its own uniqueness and special outlook in my memories. Earth is a beautiful place in the universe and it’s up to us to create or to destroy its surface and the biosphere we are depending on – no matter whether we want to hear it or not.

Route 2015


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