April 2017

Healing with John of God

Working on subtle energy levels

I’ve been following the entities of the wooden triangle to Abadiania and I am looking for healing with John of God. The most popular entity is Ignacio de Loyola. Since I’ve got and accepted the symbol which stands for the healing with the beings from the other side, there is an unknown power working on me.

I’ve found a documentary on Youtube in which a doctor describes his sensation at this place: “This place is a field of love.”

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It’s clear for me that I’ve got to go to Brasil. The preparations for the journey are easy to make. My partner did ask for permission to cancel work for three months and got permission to do so. She is now able to be my compagnion once more. I am happy about the circumstances. This means we have time to spend two months in die little village in the middle of nowhere aroun 75 km away from Brasilia – capital of Brasil.

Everything goes smoothly. There are no problems on the flight. In Rio de Janeiro a friend of us says hello to us and helps us to navigate through the jungle of this big metropolitan city. When we left Germany we had minus ten degrees. Here in Rio it’s 36 degrees plus. I am especially unused to the humid air that makes breathing problematic in the first instance. It’s like another world. Our friend serves small bread balls with cheese and other tasty Brasilian food – combinded with delicious fruits. Later in the evening we take a walk down to the beach. I already know the Atlantic ocean but from the other coast in the east so far.

After almost a week it’s time to fly to Brasilia. From there we take a taxi to Abadiania. It’s hard to tell how it feels when the weight was falling off of my shoulders as we drop our back packs arriving at the guesthouse we’ve booked for in advance. It might be the inner load as well. Marly the owner has handed us our keys. We soon fall asleep.

Later on we visit the Casa for the first time.

It feels like coming home.

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The public garden of the Casa is in good shape and it’s obvious that a lot of work is flowing into. Everywhere we find wooden benches that have been donated by people who wanted to express their gratitude for receiving help here. We sit down on one of them and enjoy the view of the Brasilian savannah.

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We meet John of God already the next day. We have to cue up in front of the entrance door. We are first timeliners visiting the entities for the first time. We have to wait almost until the end of the session. Here I learn a big lesson. I’ve got to be patient with asking questions, receiving advice and my healing process as well.

We follow through a little room after the entrance that’s called the first current room. A current is a stream of energy that’s being build up in a field to promote access for the entities from the other side to enter our sphere. These energies should purify us. Later on we take a turn into another room where the other mediums next to John of God are sitting. At the end of this room there is the medium John of God in a chair to welcome the people asking for help. The entities that are incorporating in him are doctors and healers of the past. We are waiting for our turn to show up in front of the entity. There are thousands of people visiting the Casa every week for three days from Wednesday to Friday – the working days for the people at the Casa. There are hundreds waiting every session and it only takes a few seconds for the entity to decide what needs to be done, said or confirmed. I typically feel that there is a hightening of the energy level in my body and around me when I approach the entity. The next weeks I’ll be in this process many more times. I have questions to ask and I ask for answers and for treatment.

It’s difficult to describe what going on on an energetic level when the entities are working. I can say without a doubt that there is a big relief when the character of a chronic disease turn out to be less definitive. Healing is still possible. There are many stories being told here about spontaneous healings and healings that have been happening over time. A great book about these stories is Transformation: The Miracles, The Healings, The Truth, John of God by Gabriella Francisco.

A major advice that I read in the Casa Guide is to rest, to rest and to rest a bit more. I feel an extremly strong sense of relaxing the first weeks. I want to reconnect to my soul again and to reestablish a connection to the devine spark within me that I had seemed to have lost in the past years.

I meet the Medium John of God already the first evening of being here. It feels like this devine field is saying hello telling me that my journey is not for nothing. He is a simply man who walks slowly and unstable. It’s fascinating for me that he committed himself to his life task of helping others to get better and to heal. He says about himself:

In 1978 I established the Casa de Dom Inácio upon this blessed land of Abadiânia, the sacred ground where God placed me to fullfill my mission. I do not heal anyone. The one who heals is God, who in His infinite goodness allows the Entities tu use me as a tool, providing healing and consolation to my brothers ans sisters. I am truly only an instrument in His Divine hands.

Having been a gem miner, I have learned that in order for a precious stone to show its true beauty, it must first suffer the process of refinement, likewise, each child, a rare diamond of creation, must be polished in order to realize their superior destination.

Great suffering is generated as a consequence of the world going through great transformation. In the midst of this, the ability to sustain our lives and strengths must resides in our trust in the Supreme Being who is God.

Finally, I leave you with the words of Christ in the Gospel of John (ch.15 v.12):
“This is my commandment: Love one another as I have loved you.”

Medium: Joao de Deus

The healing process that I am going through is a kind of co-creation with God. It’s about believing, about loving and practising mercy. These three aspects are represented in the three sides of the triangle. It’s the symbol of the Casa as well. There are three places where three blessed triangles are accessible for the public. These are the places where people pray and put the pictures of their loved-ones to be healed. These wooden portals are like telephone connections to the entities. I place the questions regarding my life in there as well.

Staying close to the Casa is no holiday. It’s work even when the receipe to recover has a strong component of relaxation involved. Another main part of the treatment is self realisation. The entities see the karma of a person. They look at the aura and through the energetic layers in seconds. This is one of the reasons why everyone wears white when walking to the Casa for the sessions which usually start at 8:00 in the morning.

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It seems to be easier for the entities to see the aura of someone wearing white clothes. The treatment happens on the soul level. That’s not the psyche. We are talking about the being which is eternal and which travels further on with every incarnation in a stream of consciousness. “What does my soul want to experience in this incarnation?”, is some kind of question many people ask.

Later I will sit in current as well. These are groups of people forming before every session to sit in the current rooms. Between two and five hours we sit together keeping the energy level of the room vibrating in high frequency. This happens through prayer. We have our eyes closed and could meditate as well. It’s mainly about an opening to the power around us that wants to heal in God’s divine name – helping. It’s about becoming a channel for the divine. It’s about purification. It’s about letting the energy flow freely. This practice is essential and volunteers tell visitors already in the waiting hall that they should take care of not crossing their arms or legs in order for the energies to freely flow through the body. My experience is that the energy level grows the closer I approach the entity. It’s amazing. I would call these energy field subtle energies solely because it’s on another band of frequency than our daily life. There have been days when it was easy to sit in current for five hours without any problems. Then there was a time when I had to get up and out of the current room because I felt the energies have been simply to high for my body.

Days had past and seven weeks came to an end. I did receive permission from the Entities to walk to the waterfall almost daily. This was a beautiful practice to purify myself in nature besides sitting in meditation. Often I felt like being charged with energy. Nature and spirituality are no opposites but are beautifully interconnected. I did take cristal beds – a kind of light therapy to work on my chakras and received a massage at the end of my stay. The whole time I was in process. I’ve prayed at lot and asked myself how I could make the most out of every day concerning my healing without overwhelming my physical system. There has been good times and bad times. Hope and despair have been both in my mind. But deep inside myself there was the unshakeable trust that I am on the right way.

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This trust is still with me. I brought medication for six months back home to Germany. I should integrate the work that I’ve started in Abadiania. It’s an most extraordinary experience that still feels like home. Maybe my soul and my being feels like being seen – finally. I should go and visit other healing places here in Europe after my return. I should go on working on my soul’s path and progress within my healing endeavors. The entities are with me now whereever I go.

Finally it’s about God, the Divine and the cosmos. I was searching for reconnection. Now I am searching for balance in these incredible times of transformation of my personality into what wants to emerge from within.

The man I was a few months ago is gone.