June 2018


The quest to find Source

There is no special need for preparation in order to experience the effect of a plasma field. Sitting between the two glass bulbs I sense at first: it has a cooling effect which I sense in certain parts and areas of my body. The developers of the plasma machine speak of a reversion of the entropic effect. They call the field neg-entropic. “Neg” stands for negative. Instead of emitting warmth as a side effect of an entropic process that happens when structures are disintegrating there is an ordering principle within the chaos sitting in an neg-entropic field.

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I feel a “warm” welcome. I keep my eyes closed and feel inside. It’s like coming home. I hear myself saying that this might be the medicine of the future. The field has a strengthening quality. I can sense the cold in my head especially. There is an area in my belly that feels hurt. My feet are cold like ice. There are times when the field collapses. In these moments Christine who is offering the Theraphi treatment changes the frequencies and I can sense that things are becoming stable again. I feel very connected here and don’t have to work on something wrong.

There is this allowance to be. I am allowed to take. I feel part of a whole.

It only takes three minutes per day to have a lasting effect. In the coming three weeks I’ll be sitting in the field for 15 minutes every working day. It feels right. Christine tells me the story of a woman from Switzerland. She has been healed within a few weeks from breast cancer. Another client of hers had strong inner visions and started to practice reconciliation within her family. She didn’t heal on a physical plane but was able to die in peace.

There is an opening in perception.

Christine and I start to use the opening space between us to feel into different energy bodies. There is an astral, a spiritual and a crystalline level and the emotional and the physical realm of course. In the afternoon I start practising visualisations at the beach connected to the topic of the morning.

There is really nothing to do.

The more I visit Christine the more I sense that there is a deeper process running in the background. I come into and go out of a field that’s home for me. It’s palpable and present as soon as I think of it. It penetrates my body and it’s more and more obvious to me that I am not solid matter only. This field – is – simply. In it there are endless states of being present waiting to manifest in one or the other way. I do have access to these states of being when I am meditating. The difference is that in mediation I was always watching these thought forms and feelings. Now subject and object are melting in each other. I’d describe it as “all-penetrating”. Within this perception I sense a new “me”. A whole cosmos is opening in front of my eyes and this cosmic being is my organism – alive and absorbed in ever greater effort to adapt.

The blueprint

Where is the blueprint of my Being? Where is the sickness that I am treating? It’s difficult to grasp. Everything is moving all of the time and still the symptoms stay the same. The dizziness is the strongest. I still take the injections that have been prescribed by my doctor. Everything has an effect on my living system and the consciousness that’s moving around. Again I feel like an observer. I sense the system fighting for stability. Is this the goal that I am aspiring to reach? I speak of health and healing und sense very clearly how my actions, thoughts and feelings influence the perception of myself. It seems like there is a blueprint involved. It’s presenting itself like a spin top – always turning receiving its energy by my thoughts and emotions.

Seeing this work unfolding I wonder where I should try to change parameters. Is there a subtle level? I definitly have a big influence onto this system with the drugs I use. But am I able to control this amazing wonder of my life. I can be aware of sensations and I can let go of them. I don’t need to react or indulge in them. I naturally float into the center of stillness. As I look at this wafting something it’s difficult to talk about a blueprint. Trying to remove or to add anything seems impossible – out of my reach for control.

The all

Behind my perception there is water that is clear and still. I am afraid to rest. I gain glimpses in the following weeks. I sense that my very being is not separated from these big waters of the cosmic presence. My head is hurting. Questions are my compaignons. “Do I heal?”. I try to grasp these words. I try to do even more research. In the end I surrender again. I do wait for a change. But it’s only another expectation and change is happening somewhere different.

Continuing my treatment I do feel more and more one with source. There are other rules and potent powers. It’s a humbling experience. I often slip in a way of open perception without any effort. Then I am able to take a bath and leave myself as I am. I know now that the veil of perception is meant to be and that there is no way to enter this space with my mind or my will. It’s a mystery in the end.

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I become slower and slower. Christine lovingly calls me a snail. That’s how I feel. Sensing like a snail three weeks have passed quickly. Christine is happy about the outcome. I’ll let her know where the snail has crawled towards when it’s time. Again it was only another little chapter of my life’s journey – an important one.