September 2008

The world in crisis

Aufbruch alter Strukturen

My idyllic world is breaking open. I’ve heard about the global financial crisis on the news. Democracy and capitalism are only words in a world that seems to become more and more inequal. Something seems to not work any longer.

How about my own life? I’m more and more confronted with the effects of human behaviour. People speak about sustainability. Is there something like it? Is humanity on planet earth still on track?

Years of crisis

2008 Global financial crisis 2009 Euro crisis 2010 Earth quakes in Haiti – Fires in Russia – Floods in Pakistan 2011 Fukushima’s nuclear disaster 2012 Hurricane Sandy – Droughts in the US – People striking in the EU – Civil war in Syria 2013 Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. – Refugees catastrophe in Lampedusa – NSA Scandal 2014 Scotland against Independance – Racial conflicts in the US – Ebola-Virus 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack – ISIS is synonyme with terror – Terror attacks in Paris – Clima conference in Paris – Refugee crisis – Emission scandal VW

The balance

There are still no solutions to the challanges we face. The time of our old belief system that states a world with unlimited growth is running out. The exploitation of planet earth by human beings is going on every day. Mother earth still has no voice in our perception. Instead we are playing with the idea of speculation and multiplication of money. There are debts to be payed – but to whom?

Nobody can say that he owns the right solution!

Something wakes me up. The feeling of powerlessness fades and an impulse to do something takes place. I feel the wind in my sails – a wind from the back. My ship will be a small campervan – a used Ducato. My boss gives me green light to go on a journey for almost three months.

So I set off on a journey without a destination. But there is an indestructable faith that there must be another land on the other side of my small self-build world.