October 2018


A message from another realm

I was reading the book by Martin Heinz “The handbook of life” when I suddenly got a little shock. There was an unknown insect looking over the pages of the book staring directly into my face. It was green like grass and it was obviously very curious. Its head was constantly turning and I had the impression that it was closely observing its environment.

Time was standing still and space seemed to have disappeared for a moment. All that was mattering was the moment, was the meeting with this little creature. I must have been looking curious as well I guess. After a few seconds of observation I was able to speak to my partner: “A mantis!”

I can still feel the trembling of my body. Every nerve in my body is electrified. Thinking of the meeting with this little animal still leaves me with a sensation of being very much alive. The mantis was sitting peacefully. From time to time it started to move from one leg to another. It seemed like it wanted to communicate something. I didn’t have an appropriate answer. I hope that the appreciation of my partner and myself was palpable and sensable in this very moment.

We put it back into the brown grass under a tree in nature. The meeting was lasting further on.

I think of power animals. Little Grandmother writes about them in her book “Tribe of many colors”. I try to grasp the essence. I try to understand the meaning of our encounter. It feels like a meeting with someone from another world. What’s the message? I go for a search on the web and find some text about the mantis in a set of oracle cards:

Learn to stand for yourself; learn to take responsibility for your actions and deeds; learn to be your own compass. Come into contact with your inner source. You are protected and guided. Be still.


I am entering another world. This time it is the timelessness of my individual consciousness. I try to find wisdom once more. Is it God? Can I grasp essence? Is it energy and pure life? I meditate free of all visualisations. I am able to recognize a few lifes with a common purpose: to reach enlightenment. There is a certain unrest with the thought that Maya – the world of illusion – is the driving force of my life. Where is liberation after all? I am afraid of loosing contact to a wisdom that’s ever present. It appears again – unexpected and simple.

I am able to sense that this wisdom doesn’t belong to anybody. It available to anyone who is looking for it. There is no protection needed because not knowing it is the best protection. I have been living many lifes with a certain role concerned of this wisdom. Today I am able to let go of these identities. There is simply no need any longer. A strong release is all that remains in my body.

Psalm 46:10 comes to my mind:

Be still and know that I am God.