Curriculum vitae

Dipl.Ing. Markus Werner

I was travelling a lot over the past almost 10 years. I’ve been part of community building processes and I’ve learned to feel the field energy of power places. I produced, filmed and edited two documentaries published under the name QUOVADIS?MENSCH. I presented the movies later on a tour through Germany connecting people hereby. I was studying religion and consciousness and I was taking part in webinars of social pioneers and thinkers in the US and in Europe. I’ve always wanted to search, find and understand.

High school

1989 – 1994 University of Applied Sciences: Mechanical engineer

TV career

1994 – 1994 Freelancer at Augsburg-TV – working as a cameraman and an editor
1997 – 1998 Magicon GmbHSpecial effects for Film industry
1999 – 2010 Editor at ProSiebenSat1 productions


2010 Follow the rainbow to Findhorn a portrait of an Ecovillage in the north of Scotland
2013 One Wisdom a pilgrimage through Europe
2015 QUOVADIS?MENSCH TOUR – A tour to promote “ONE WISDOM”

Education FILM

1999 Promotor Editing System Pinnacle 601
1999 Workshop Assistant director

Education COACHING

2001 Basic principles in Psychotherapy
2001-2002 Education Transpersonal Psychology by R.Stiegler
2003 Catathymic Image Perception by Leuner
2003-2004 Education Transpersonal Psychology II by R.Stiegler


2009 Experience Week in the Findhorn Foundation
2009 Ecovillage Training in the Findhorn Foundation
2009 Leadership Training with Manitonquat (Circleway-Camp)
2010 Facilitator Training: Symposium composed by the Pachamama Alliance
2011 Webinar ACE Training by Barbara Marx Hubbard in evolutionary consciousness
2013 Workshop Dragon Dreaming Intensiv with John Croft at Siebenlinden ecovillage
2014 Webinar Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionaries by Barbara Marx Hubbard
2014 Webinar Game changer intensive by Pachamama Alliance
2014 Webinar People, planet and profit – Double your income and your time off by Ryan Eliason
2015 MOOC Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities mit Johan Rockström
2016 MOOC ulab.1x with Otto Scharmer
2018 MOOC ulab.1x with Otto Scharmer (repetition)

Other important milestones

1998 6 months journey to India
2003 Visionquest
2004 Journey to Ladakh in the north of India
2006 Visionquest II
2000-2007 Buddhist practitioner with Sogyal Rinpoche
2007 Men’s initiation by Richard Rohr
2007 Pilgrimage: Belfort – Taize
2007 Pilgrimage: Florence – Assisi
2008 5 months journey through Europe
2015 1 month journey through Scandinavia
2015 Diagnosis of a chronic blood disease
2017 Journey to the Healing Medium John of God in Brasil
2017 Visualisations on healing with Julie Renee
2017 Seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza Mind over matter
2018 Plasmafield-treatment THERAPHI

Thanks for your attention!