Main stream media displays pictures of war almost every day. Let’s have a look at a few headlines +++ Russia paves the way for Iran weapon sales +++ Iraqi forces struggling to keep ISIS from advancing +++ Former ISIS captives haunted by terror +++ ISIS’ destruction of Nimrud +++

A need of withdrawal appears more and more often. Something is drawing me into my innermost self. I often wonder that humanity has survived so far with all the powerful weapons our leaders possess. There still must be some positive news as well that are not in focus of reporting.

WAR AND PEACE … it’s the eternal question in the lifes of generations. It might be the reason why I’d like to look more on an inner level of perception than on listening to information from the outside. I often ask myself about our role models. What’s the future we envisioning? What are we working for? Is there anything to do “outside of ourselves”?

Regarding these questions I’m so much looking forward to sit together in circlemeetings celebrating the FUJI DECLARATION and exploring the “new story” of humanity.