A system change by Otto Scharmer

As we see pictures of German citizens cheering tens of thousands refugees arriving from Syria and other war zones, we may be witnessing an emerging pattern of the years to come: bureaucracy is failing (EU), systems collapsing (millions of Asylum seeking refugees in urgent need of helping hands) – AND: citizens rising to the occasion!

The logic of collective action is suddenly shifting from the head to the heart. Or, put differently: from applying yesterday’s rules onto the current situation, to co-sensing from the current situation what response is needed from us, right now.

Otto Scharmer – author of the Theory U speaks about a system dying and something new that wants to be born. He sees a change in how we have to walk from an ego-system to an eco-system and developed the Theory U as a bridge between these two states. In collaboration with his colleagues he introduced the conept of PRESENCING – learning from the emerging future. He is a senior lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.

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