Revocation instructions

Right of revocation:

A customer who is consumer can cancel his contract explanation within two weeks without indication of reasons in text form (e.g. Letter, fax, email) or via phone. The Revocation period begins after receiving this instruction in text form, however not before delivery. To preserve the right of revocation, one simply has to announce the revocation using the word “Revocation”.
The revocation should be send to:

Twentyonevision – Markus Werner
Knaustwiesen 13
34130 Kassel

Phone: +49 561 2027 1007
Email: sales(at)

Consequences of a revocation

In case of an effective revocation both sides have to return received achievements and interest. If a customer cannot refund the received achievement totally or partly or only in worsened condition, Twentyonevision is allowed to ask for indemnification according to value. Things which have been already shipped have to be sent back in a package capable of preventing damage. The customer has to bear all
costs of the return. He is responsible for the arrival of the commodity.

Unfree returns are not accepted by Twentyonevision and will be send immediatly back to the customer!

Exclusion of revocation

A right of revocation does not exist for supplies of audio or video recordings (e.g. CD, DVDs, video home system video) or CD-ROM if you have opened the sealed packing (cellophane foil).