Shake the dust off your feet

If you’ve put a lot of effort in a project and in the end nothing came out – shake the dust off your feet.

That’s what I read on the blog of a priest today.

I’d never thought that I would depart with this saying of the bible. A lot of time passed since I started my first journey in 2008.

I’ve been exploring community the last years and I found plenty of obstacles during intentional community building. I’ve been living close to a power spot here in the middle of Germany. I’ve learned about what it means to connect to the GREATER WHOLE and I’ve learned to spot nature beings. Being in contact with them I started to appreciate them and showing them respect. I’ve learned as well a lot about us humans. All in all we mainly have to deal with plenty of fears. It’s time to leave the old paradigm of living in this world once more. I feel like a pioneer who finds out about his being in the world in such a critical time of human history. I can say that I’ve given my best the last years and I heading towards a future that will be awesome.

Today I want to pray for all the people who are travelling to make the world a better place. I already know a few!