Bild: Markus Werner ©

There is more between heaven and earth than we can imagine

It’s not about looking outside. There is a lot of turmoil. It’s about settling in the midst of the tornado and rest and wait for impulse that emerge from within. There is no outer guidance to follow. And suddenly I feel connection. I can return to a source that connects everything. I feel part of the whole that is in transition.

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Bildcollage: Markus Werner / Pixabay /CC0

When everything changes

What happens when all of our dreams suddenly disappear because we wake up on one morning and realize that something profoundly has shifted?

It happened to me last that a doctor diagnosed some sort of a chronic blood disease. This was like a punch right into my face. Today I remember that there are millions of people with a diagnosis like cancer, people who are involved in accidents or people who have to survive their very days by begging for food because they’ve lost their job and are on a downward spiral on the social ladder.

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