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A new film about healing?

What’s healing nowadays and what’s sickness at all?

I was diagnosed with a chronic blood disease in October 2015. My life collapsed and I am still confronted with many symptoms. The words of the blood specialist were: “Your sickness is chronic. You are going to deal with it until the end of your life. There is a way to bring you out of this life threatening situation. But you will have to get used to a certain tiredness.”

I’ve got many tips, ideas and books recommended from my friends. The overall message was: Healing does not necessarily have to do with the western medical system. “Do you believe in healing yourself?”, people asked a lot.

So I started reading books about healing. Among them there was this wonderful book Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani about her experience with fighting and overcoming cancer. She is talking about a change in her life style and her prophetic message about a possible way out of disease is illuminating my days.


In early January 2016 I wrote a review for INFOMED – Institut für Ganzheitsmedizin e.V. I discovered a few insights about sickness and healthiness. I started asking questions:

  1. How does it look like to take full responsibility for my sickness and my recovery?
  2. How does the western medical system influence the success of healing?
  3. If there is a soul – how do I connect with it? How could my soul provide healing?
  4. What are the stories of other sick people about healing?
  5. Are there alternatives to the classic medical system that we are used to practice here in the west?
  6. Are there new ways of healing? Are there new methods?
  7. Is there a connection between body and soul?
  8. Are our diseases mirrowing the current world view?
  9. Is there a connection between disease and the exploitation of the planet?
  10. Is it possible that gens react on consciousness, on thoughts and on emotions?
  11. Where are we heading towards regarding healing?
  12. How do healing places in future look like?

There has been no single take for a new film at the moment.

Is there any interest of manifesting such a project?

  1. Please write me if there an interest and fill out this form.
  2. Please tell me as well if you have a healing story to share.
  3. Feel free to share this website with friends.