Bild: Markus Werner ©

There is more between heaven and earth than we can imagine

We are living in times of change. It’s obvious to all of us. We know that as a human species we cannot go on as we are used to if we want to sustain a healthy planet, a healthy relationship between each other and a healthy understanding of the cosmos that we are living in. Somehow we don’t know yet how the receipe to solve many of the problems will look like. We might have an intuition and we might trust and belief into that there is more between heaven and earth than we can imagine.

So we have to breath, we have to relax, we have to lean back and observe. There is still so much acting in a world that noone understands any longer. There have been major inventions like the internet. There have been major result in GEN manipulation and we are at a frontier regarding a further step in understand the human mind and the human heart. Still a lot that we see is the old worldview of the past century. We are still looking at the world with a set of glasses that is not adapted to the new that wants to arrise.

Here in Abadiania I find time. I find a space that provides a different energy than the one that I am surrounded at home. It seems like heaven and earth are very close here. There are a few places that I know: Lourdes, Taizé, Iona or Findhorn.

The moment I’ve entered this field of energy I feel comforted. I can relax. Someone or something is holding me and I am starting to get rid of old patterns. I start to get rid of neurotic thoughts and I start cleaning past live experiences. The one who I am is not there yet. Maybe I am simply impatient with receiving an new persona. At least I feel process. Things are happening to me as they are meant to happen. I feel back on track. I feel everything that is standing in the way of recognizing my true being.

I already have a sense of that we are all powerful, that we are all loved and that we are all important in these times of change.

It’s not about looking outside. There is a lot of turmoil. It’s about settling in the midst of the tornado and rest and wait for impulse that emerge from within. There is no outer guidance to follow. And suddenly I feel connection. I can return to a source that connects everything. I feel part of the whole that is in transition. I am most aware of the immensity of change. It’s all in me and I see it all around me. As it is within it is outside.

I am not my symptoms. I am not my disease. I am not my body. I am not my personality. I am not the one I thought I am. I simply AM.