Humanity at a threshold

Should I list all the challenges humanity is going through at the moment once more? Are they not vibrating in out hearts and minds most of the time? Are we not conscious about the fact that we are dealing with a species trying to survive? It’s our species and we know it deep down in our hearts.

In 2008 everybody was talking about the first global financial crisis. In 2019 every human being on planet earth should have used this 10 years time frame to make up one’s mind about the world situation. I would doubt that mass media can be a helpful companion in this process. The main difference from a life in the last century might be the fact that today information is available almost everywhere in the world simply by accessing the world wide web. With the latest applications downloaded and installed on one’s smartphone it’s possible to talk to people on every continent of the world with almost no costs. Being informed became more and more an active process. It’s the responsibility of every internet user to validate the information given to a certain point in time. We’ve been growing out of a childhood like behaviour by simply not taking all the reports of main stream media in without questioning their relevance and their underlying deeper message.

There are still many questions left to ponder. Does the world need more people raising a warning finger? Why is there no groundbreaking change happening? Is change already here and we simply can’t see it so far? Where do we go as a species?


I’d like to strongly encourage a positive view of the future. I do see hope for life on planet earth. The filmmakers of the documentary Mankind – The Story of All of us found a way to tell the story of humanity by highlighting the most famous game changers in history. It’s a hero’s journey of a whole species. There have been always challenges and times without any light at the end of the tunnel. But there have been times of great achievement as well. Humanity has experienced a lot on its journey through time. Did we learn? Are we conscious about our potential in the same way as we are conscious about our shadow sides?

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Humanity consists of every single world citizen. The effects of the impact of our actions don’t stop at country borders. We are growing together as one global family. Our country is the earth. Every single human being is asked to watch the developments on planet earth carefully. It’s time to take a stand for the biosphere. It’s time to find one’s place in the great turning as Johanna Macy put it.

The global financial crisis was the beginning of my personal journey into the unknown of a possible future. There is so much to discover in this century. We only need to open our eyes and watch what’s right in front of us. Our perspective changes when we stop nurturing our false self. That’s one of the biggest challenges I am facing. It was life itself that has brought me closer to this point of recognition. I want to answer life in confronting myself with the personal experiences of the last 10 years. And I’d like to share my insights, visions and wishes for a future yet to come.