Bild: Markus Werner ©

The threshold … and blessings …

There is no way around :-) Something inside wants to set off and jump into the river of life. I was getting wet already a few times in my life. Last time two documentaries have been born – “ONE WISDOM” and “FOLLOW THE RAINBOW TO FINDHORN”.

Since I said “YES” to the journey things started flowing. Of course I don’t know whether and what I will achieve this time. I don’t know the resonance of my surroundings to the idea of connecting communities and telling new stories. I don’t know where all this will lead me. The only thing I know is: I’ve got to do it. I know that I need some kind of financing all this. I know that I will need locations to be invited … but hey … slowly one step after the other. I’m not alone in this world?
It was important to receive the blessings of my partner to start this journey. Since then I feel that the journey will have something that will connect us all. There will be a stronger connection to the world, a stronger connection with people and a vision, that’s emerging worldwide right now. This vision will show me the next steps to take. I already feel that there is a stronger sense of being who I ‘really’ am – connecting even deeper with this part, with my essence and with a kind of mission that I committed before incarnating into this realm of reality.
Today I received another blessing from my buddy – a woman from South Africa … who feels like a shaman almost. I met her joining an online course of Barbara Marx Hubbard in the US. It feels like a soul’s meeting – like we’ve made an appointment a long time ago. Here are a few passages of our talk:

  • It feels like the old ways of dealing with life are dissolving the moment I want to use them. The time is ready for something new.
  • This journey is an invitation to EXPERIENCE rather than producing a certain result.
  • The FUJI Declaration wants to ignite the spark in the spirit of humanity. I belief this is possible. I feel that something want to start – wants to move – wants to set off – wants to open. I’d love to follow this spark in myself … like the kings followed the star of Bethlehem :-)
  • Again and again people talk of new stories. Last year I attended the NEW STORY SUMMIT at the Findhorn Foundation – an ecovillage in the North of Scotland. An idea emerged that the journey to tell the NEW STORY will go on.
  • Duane Elgin was studying these new stories of mankind for the last years. He concludes that there are many storylines that all point to a bigger story of transition. Everybody has got his own story. Woven together the might point into the direction of THE NEW STORY. Last but not least there is my camera ready to take picture and I’d love to interview people who are willing to tell their own story and predict a future for humanity and this world. What an adventure to explore this storytelling of the future: THE NEW STORY.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world wants to move and shift from a previous state of being into a kind of next level. The only thing I can do at the moment is to say: