Bild: Markus Werner ©

The mountains of the Cathars

The last days my stay in Perpignan are coming closer. I feel like the mountains of the Pyrenees are closer as usual. I see it as a sign to drive deeper into the mountain part of South France. It’s the direction towards Foix and it’s the former land of the cathars.

I prepare my departure and leave Perpignan after my last Theraphi treatment for Montsegur an old castle where the cathars have been living back in the middle ages. It’s a wonderful drive. I have to pause again and again to allow my body to rest. I pass beautiful mountain passes and deep valleys. I explore the land of the cathars: green meadows and the wine. It’s easy for me to connect to the land and I easily fall in love with it.

Everywhere I find caves and special mountain formations …

… and natural cathedrals.


I sense nature in a different way here. Nature talks about a source. It shows me passages and new beginnings, connections to other dimensions of being and is a mirrow of something very deep within myself.

It’s a the foot of the Pyrenees that I decide to drive even further to the west to Lourdes. It will take around two more days to reach this most powerful healing place in Europe.