Goodbye Abadiania

It’s like being in another world being at the Casa of John of God in Abadiania. The Casa is a spiritual hospital. Many people say it’s one of the few in the whole world. Being there has been seven weeks full of retreat and self-reflection. The symptoms of my body were disappearing from time to time. Then it felt like nothing changed at all and sometimes I felt like falling back regarding my state of health.

Most precious for me was the fact to be allowed to spend my time to watch myself on a very profound and deep level within. It was like listening to a entire universe.

In the end there was a physical improvement. When I had arrived in Abadiania I was not able to sit straigt for a long time. More than that I was not able to close my eyes without having the sense to walk straight into a vertigo. Therefore I chose to lean my head against a wall while sitting and meditating. So I was really surprised and happy that I was able to sit for three to five hours in current without problems in the end.

Difficulties in breathing and a nautic vertigo are still present. It’s obvious that it might take more than this one stay in Abadiania to make further progress in terms of my health state. I brought some medicine back home. I had two spiritual operations and few very strong healing sessions close to the entities. “I would heal most perfect in the presence of this energy”, I was told.

I am most grateful to all the people who have been next to me during my stay in Abadiania: Merete, Arya, Nora, Gabrielle, Mayte, Stephanie, Estelle, Christina, Dirk, Oysteen, Raphael. We are all on a healing journey to get back on the track we know from our innermost heart. We all want to discover our true self and step onto the path that’s promised to us. Everyone has his own way towards the destination we wish for. Everyone has her own healing journey. This path expresses in so many different ways. We’ve stepped into the dark. I see people crying. I’ve got to cry myself. It’s about letting go of fixed ideas about how life should be. There is much about letting things happen the way they want to. At the same time there is a hightened consciousness about the steps that need to be taken actively to initiate another turn on this unknown path. Timing is important. It’s about observing and listening. It’s about discernment. The most common question which I try to be aware as much as possible it: “Do I slide back into old patterns of behaviour?”

I experience that the reality that we call daily life is not the ultimate reality. Here in Abadiania people belief in another universe that is very close to us and that we can reach when we lift our vibration level. It’s a universe filled with beings from another dimension who want to help out whereever they can. These different dimensions are not separated. They are intertwined. It’s more like a hologram. The intention and the motivation are important:

“Nobody heals. Only God heals.”

Even John of God is simply the medium that assists in the healing process. He makes his body available for the entities to incorporate. I am still in awe when I think of his life mission.

“The entities are working on people, because they want to help.”

It’s pretty easy to recognize their deeds. You simply have to observe the results. There are many stories about spontaneous healing.

“The core and the motivation of all the meetings in the Casa is to heal.”

I often hear about Brazil that healing has a strong cultural imprint in the Brazilian culture. Brazilian people do believe a lot. They are known for their big heart. In comparison to western people they do not doubt so much. I was brought to the waterfalls by my Casa-guide Celso one day. I got a short introduction on how to obey the rules given for entering this holy area close to the Casa ground. He encouraged me not to be too shy in front of the entities and to ask them about anything I would need. “They are hear to help you.” So there are people who ask for a perfect relationship, couples who ask for a child or possibly for the help in terms of money issues.

This healing place is often a confrontation for me. It’s so much about belief. So I think of the story about Jesus and Petrus at the lake Getsemane.

And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?


Matthew 14,29-31

It’s important for me not to cling on my outer, physical symptoms. I have a body. But I am not my body.  I’ve heard these sentences already in the past. I a documentation about John of God I listen to the narrator who says that the entities are interested in our souls more than in our bodies since the soul is the instance that keeps on going from incarnation to incarnation.

That doesn’t mean to forget about the body. I really like to accomplish a kind of harmony between both of them. I am most interested in comprehending how the influece each other. I wonder why my daily life is so difficult to exercise. What is it that my sould wants to express? I cannot answer these questions at the moment. But I already sense that the answers are waiting in the depth of my own being. I want to shine a light on them by being as open as I can. I feel ready. Patience is still needed. Sometimes it feels like there is more preparation needed.

I’ve got to return to Germany. It’s clear approaching the end of my stay. I should visit other healing places in Europe. I shall sense the way towards my healing. I shall go on working on connecting to my soul. This is the next step. Knowing about it I take the Boing 747 together with my partner and fly back to Europe into a still unknown future.