Bild: Markus Werner ©

Mary Magdalene

I do not understand the world any longer.


I’ve been on an adventure for the last months that brought me even deeper into a feminine energy. It’s difficult to describe this form of perception with my thinking mind.

To simply talk about the heart doesn’t satisfy this longing to find words either. It doesn’t comprehend the value of the experience.

It might feel like a baptism?

It definitely is a different field. It’s a different frequeny of perception that is all around me now. It’s pretty new and don’t feel drawn to put any words into this post to describe it. It’s an energy that speaks of an invitation, of a certain devotion and that is not special at all. In the bible I find a text in the Gospel of Luke (1,38):

I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.

I definitely feel a more sensitive field, a more sensitive perception. Words seem to be almost violent here. Silence might be an approach to dip into the mystery that’s offering itself.

Full of these experiences I already are on my way home to Germany. I pass by a territory close to Perpignan and sense a feeling of having to visit this landscape.


The next is windy and I drive closer to this mountain being. There are only small, rocky roads that are winding themselves into the hills of this moon like landscape. I recognize that there is a lot of rosemary around and the smell of this herb becomes my compagnion. I remembered from a book of a Danish author that there must be a cave nearby.


There are old legends of Mary Magdalene who should have lived, meditated and prayed here after the death of Jesus. But entering the cave I don’t feel something Christian.

It feels like a wombspace. It calls for remembering. It not visible nor to be comprehended by the thinking mind. It’s a world beyond senses that’s opening up. I get in touch with thousands of years of human experiences entering a mystery beyond understanding. I somehow enter into the holy halls of humanity. Here the mystery is praised and transitions between the know world and the world beyond are celebrated. It’s a place of initiation.

Mary Magdelene surrounds me more and more. Is she the wife of Jesus? What did they share beyond the Gospels of the Bibles? Was it a hidden treasure? What was her role in the mission of Jesus? Has she been in France after his death?

On my way back home I drive through the Carmargue and I am blessed by more signs.