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In a state between being healthy and sick

It was more than a year ago that I discovered a vertigo happening to me from time to time. I’ve been to the doctors and received three diagnosis. The vertigo is still part of my life and there are still symptoms of a kind of pain in the area of my heart. Some days ago I’ve experienced them once more. The doctors say that I have a few chronical diseases and I must be prepared to have them until the end of my life. Since then my life is not the same and the quality of my life feels poor compared to the years I had before the outbreak of my disease.

Why Abadiania – a healing place in Brazil?

There might be a kind of will combined with the faith “that I’ve tried everything I could”. Already since the beginning of this “disease” I felt that the roots of the symptoms are neither to be found in my psyche nor in my physical being. The medical systems has tried to find names for my state of being. There was an attempt to soften the strength of the symptoms and to find ways to treat them. I’ve soon started to ask myself whether there could be a possibility to find the roots in my being a soul.

I go on a journey to something that is unknown to myself. It will be a long flight crossing the pacific ocean to reach Rio de Janeiro on the other side of the world. It’s such a blessing that Satyaprema is waiting there. I am nervous. I hope that I will primarily make the travel without any breakdowns. Merete – my partner is with me. All my clothes are packed. I still take the medication as subscribed. Only a week ago I had my last blood letting. There should be no complications. That’s what the doctors say.

I the community of Findhorn I met a woman who met John of God in Canada. Since her encounter she was able to walk again. She told me her impressive journey and the symptoms that she had to face. School medicine was clear about the outcome of her disease. She would end up in a wheel chair. There is no cure.

She gave me a wooden triangle. Thomas from Germany was handing it over to me. Since that time energies are working on me. Sometimes I’ve already felt like someone or something is working on my body. Sometimes it feels like energetic phenomena. Sometimes I imagine entities. I can say that since this time in Findhorn I feel connected to the Casa de Dom Inacio. It’s still strange to me to imagine being there is a few days.

There is another world – “a world between heaven and earth that is beyond what western medicine can comprehend”. That’s what my doctor told me during one of the last conversations. He would be interested in a report and would support my journey to Abadiania.