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Manitonquat or ‘Medicine Story’ was born as Francis Story Talbot on July 17, 1929. In his twenties he had an exiting life as a playwright and director of a little theatre group in New York City. After four colleagues of his commited suicide he had to ask what’s going wrong. He calls this period of his life a spiritual crisis. At this time the American government used repressive force against protestors of the war in Vietnam. Civil rights have been abused and the danger of nuclear power was in the air.

I knew I had nothing useful to bring to these problems through my art, because I did not understand the underlying causes.
Manitonquat (The Original Instructions)

He left the theatre company – left all the world he knew and journeyed to find the native elders and spiritual leaders of the other First Nations who taught him that human beings have forgotten their instructions. These people are people without the guidance of the spirit.

Since this time he travelled mainly in Europe and Sweden to teach the Circle Way. He was a member of the Rainbow Family. His own camps were organized to pass the wisdom of the elders further along to people interested in similar questions that drove him to walk his path of beauty. “Discovering the true Human Being” is the title of a chapter in one of his books called “The Original Instructions”.

Being asked about how to change the world he answered:

I do not know how to change the world. But I know we do.Manitonquat

His website is Manitonquat died in 2019.

Here are a few books and booklets that we wrote:

  • Return to Creation: a survival manual for native and natural people, Bear Tribe Publishing, Spokane, Washington (First Edition, July 1991). 188 pages, 22 cm. ISBN 9780943404202
  • The Children of the Morning Light: Wampanoag tales with Mary F. Arquette, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing (April 1994). 72 pages, color illustrations, 27 cm. ISBN 9780027659054
  • Ending violent crime: a report of a prison program that is working and a vision of a society free of violence, Story Stone Publishing (1996). 75 pages, 22 cm. (also eBook[19]) ISBN 9781456584825
  • The Circle Way, Story Stone Publishing / self-published (1997) 90 pages.[ISBN missing]
  • The original instructions: reflections of an elder on the teachings of the elders, adapting ancient wisdom to the twenty-first century, Story Stone Publishing. AuthorHouse (2009). 165 pages, 23 cm. ISBN 978-1438980799
  • Have you lost your tribe? The paradise on Earth now under construction – Welcome home. Story Stone Publishing. (2011) 378 pages, 22 cm, ISBN 9781461115120
  • Thanksgiving Day : let’s meet the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims. with Barbara DeRubertis, Thomas Sperling, Adolfo Troncoso and Carol Cucumber. New York, Kane Press. 1992 and 1996 editions. Audio tape + book (32 pages color, 24 cm.). ISBN 0791519139


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